“Be prepared.” I came to realise that, despite being a tomboy, joining the Girl Guides of Canada turned out to be the best advice I ever received: be prepared. Embodying the preparedness code, I can be confident, resourceful, courageous, and even strive to make a difference in the world. I can also be all of the opposite! After much travel, I landed in Belgium where I became a surprisingly effective, if not accidental, pot-belly pig breeder.  But that is another story to be told another time. A stickler for doing things right, I am regularly reading the manual while others have already microwaved their dinner. My experiences are diverse and unusual, and here is where I explain what happened to me.  Ultimately, you will find me continuing to adhere to that promise I made at the tender age of 11, namely: I promise to do my best, to be true to myself and my beliefs, and take action for a better world.


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